CCTV Surveys

NDDS are able to efficiently carry out pipeline inspections and identify sewer defects for a number of the UK’s water companies, engineering consultants and industrial based organisations.

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Manhole Inspections

NDDS can work with utility companies, local autorities and corporate clients to identify defects and leaks in manholes before they get too serious.

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Homebuyer Surveys

To ensure there are no hidden surprises underground when purchasing your next home – commission us to conduct a drain survey alongside your homebuyers survey to get a clearer picture.

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Investigation & Mapping

NDDS can offer a complete range of survey and inspection techniques that present a comprehensive representation of a drainage network regardless of location or the size of the site.

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Leak Detection

Building on the Success and experience in our Leak Detecting Services we have expanded and developed our services. To better serve our customers requirements.

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