Welcome to NDDS LTD.  As drainage contractors and consultants, we make use of the latest technologies and techniques to install, maintain, and repair drainage systems for householders, businesses and local authorities.  Drains come in all sizes, and you can be sure we offer drainage solutions which will address your needs, no matter the scale.

As our name suggests, our aim is to provide drainage services which do not involve the use of excavation or earth moving equipment wherever possible.  We offer these drainage solutions nationwide and beyond from our base in Blackburn.  We are situated mere moments from the motorway junction, which means we can provide prompt an rapid emergency drainage services throughout the region.

But how can we work to repair your drains without digging up the land around them?  New technologies now mean that many drainage services properties need can be provided simply by using the existing access points on your land.  For example, is there evidence your drains are blocked or leaking, but you can’t locate the source of the problem?  We can use a small robot fitted with a CCTV camera to survey the pipes and find the fault.  If the pipework is damaged, it is often possible to effect a repair by inserting a flexible but robust drain liner from the access point to cover the hole.  These technologies reduce the complexity and cost of providing such drainage solutions, as well as the inconvenience of excavations on your property.  No digging is involved!

For more complex repairs, sometimes groundworks are unavoidable.  When this happens, we provide the traditional drainage solutions customers require to keep their properties in top condition.

Professional drainage services Lancashire residents can contact us for include high pressure jet drain cleaning, blocked pipes and any kind of drainage emergency.

NDDS Drain Repair Services

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Blocked Drain and sewer repairs
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Barnfield use NDDS for blocked drains
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Scottish Water uses NDDS for drain repairs
orkshire-Water uses NDDS for blocked drain repairs
Edfirst uses NDDS for blocked drains
Catalyst-Claims uses NDDS for drainage repairs
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