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Here at No Dig Drainage Solutions, we are a drainage company based in Lancashire, catering to customers all over the UK, including those in Newcastle.  As part of our range of nationwide services, we can take care of all areas of drain repairs, as well as installation and maintenance.  From comprehensive drain surveys to standard drain unblocking services, those based in Newcastle can rely on us to complete each job to a highly professional standard.

Our expert engineers in Newcastle make use of the latest technology and techniques, enabling us to cater for domestic and commercial customers. As our name suggests, we do our best to keep your drains at top condition without the need for trench digging and disruption to your grounds or other structures. Through the use of CCTV technology, we can see underground at your Newcastle home or business. Our report will then enable us to evaluate the condition of your drainage system. Should we detect any problems through the insertion of the camera, we will be able to access the live footage on our monitors to determine exactly what the cause of any problems you may be having, which we can then take action on.

Drainage Services Newcastle

As well as carrying out CCTV inspections on your current property, we can also perform these checks to enable potential homebuyers to find out the condition of the drainage system if you are considering buying a home in Newcastle. This is particularly important when purchasing an older property, so you are informed of the cost for any necessary repairs and maintenance work. We can also use CCTV technology, or an electro scanner, to locate the source of any leakages you may experience, making sure to find a solution as soon as possible to avoid further damage and drainage failures in future.

Newcastle clients can also rely on us for drain cleaning, which will allow your drainage system to work at full capacity, as good as new.  Our drain jetting service uses high pressure water jetting that is so strong that it can even clear blockages caused by tree roots that may have infiltrated the system. Through this service, we can clear any obstructions and severe blockages which may be causing a backup or an unpleasant smell.

Newcastle customers can also rely on us for repairs and pipe sealing, including patch repairs and patch lining.  This service entails using curing techniques to fix patches into place, so they fit directly onto the interior drain wall without the need for digging the ground for access to the pipes.  Furthermore, if you have a manhole on your property, or need local services for nearby council manholes, then we can offer manhole sealing for those in Newcastle.

At No Dig Drainage, we offer an emergency 24 hour call out service, so you don’t need to spend days worrying about any drainage issues. Customers in Newcastle can get in touch with us today and we will be happy to help with your drains.

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