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Welcome to No Dig Drainage Solutions LTD. Our drainage contractors and consultants specialise in maintaining, repairing, and installing plumbing systems for domestic, commercial, and industrial customers. We can work with projects of any scale, and we are sure to offer the expertise and technology to resolve any plumbing issue in East Lothian.

Manhole Sealing Services East Lothian

Rapid Solutions

As our name suggests, we implement no-dig technologies and methods to inspect, repair, maintain, and unblock drains and plumbing systems. By avoiding the use of excavation or earthmoving equipment, we minimise disruption for you and your neighbours while providing fast, quality solutions. From our base in Blackburn, we can arrive promptly at your home, business, or enterprise in East Lothian to provide rapid emergency help.

Pipe Sealing East Lothian

Pipe Inspection

If you are suffering from recurring issues with your plumbing, there may be an internal issue, such as an obstruction or damage. We can complete a thorough metre-by-metre inspection with our CCTV drain survey equipment. This involves feeding a small robot fitted with a camera to survey the pipes and pinpoint any damage, blockages, or root intrusion within the system. Following the inspection, we can proceed with the most effective repairs for each issue. We can also provide leak detection services to find and resolve weak points in your plumbing before they cause severe water damage.

No-Digging Required

With our sophisticated new technologies, we can target areas of damage in your system with the existing access points on your land. Our no-dig solutions include CCTV surveys, pipe relining, patch repairs, pipe sealing, pipe bursting, manhole sealing services, and more. We can provide maintenance methods ranging from inserting drain liners to clearing pipe obstructions with high pressure jetting services. We reduce the complexity of repairs and maintenance while saving you the stress of a disruptive and costly excavation.

Professional Services

East Lothian can depend on us for a range of expert services. From blocked drains to damaged pipework, we can provide a range of effective solutions for your home or business. We only use groundworks when absolutely necessary and as a last resort. Throughout the process, we will keep your property in top condition and our team will provide the highest quality of support. We operate round the clock, seven days a week, to provide emergency services, so you can always depend on us in your time of need.

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The next time you are searching for ‘drainage companies in East Lothian’, you can rely on NDDS LTD to provide effective, rapid solutions. For more information about us and our proficient services, do not hesitate to get in touch by leaving us a message on our online form or emailing If you would prefer to speak to our team directly, call us on 01254 876654 or 07739 791135, and we will be happy to help you with your query.



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