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Main Causes of Blocked Drains

Here at No Dig Drainage Solutions, we offer drainage contractors and consultants to carry out a range of services regarding drainage systems, including providing blocked drain solutions. Today we are going to focus on what causes blocked drains, to help you also see what you can do to prevent problems, and how we can help when the issue is beyond your control.

Grease and Fat

One of the top causes of blocked drains is grease and fat, despite the fact that it is easily preventable. It has become such a big problem, that you may notice the fleet of vehicles of drainage companies warning of this. In order to prevent clogging up your drainage system this way, make sure to dispose of cooking oils and any other kinds of grease and fat in the waste rather than down your sink. You can do this by reusing oil or disposing of it in your rubbish, and wiping away any excess with a kitchen towel. As water and oil are immiscible, they don’t mix, meaning that oil molecules will stick together and then attach to the insides of pipes, so that gradually this build-up will prevent water from passing through.


Whilst sinks are often fit with plug holes that are protected from larger objects entering the system, hairs have the ability to slip through. The build-up of hair can cause blockages – if you imagine a hairball or when you haven’t cleared out your hairbrush, you can imagine the havoc it can cause in a drainage system. Although you can buy products to prevent this, you can also check for the accumulation of hair in and around your plugholes, and clean it out straight away when washing your hair.

Toiletry Products

Although toilet paper is designed to be flushed down toilets, it’s important to not use excessive amounts, or you risk blockages – both visible and not. When they stick together, they can become more likely to be attached to the drainpipes, leading to an obstruction within the system. Additionally, items that are not designed to go down the drain, such as baby wipes, nappies, sanitary towels and tampons can all cause big blockages.

Unexpected Items

Leading on from toiletry products, sometimes accidents happen and unexpected items can be found to be the cause of serious drainage issues. Particularly pay attention to children, who are common culprits for toys being flushed down the toilet. However, adults also need to keep an eye on their mobile phones when flushing, as it’s fairly typical that people take their phones in toilets and accidents can happen.

Trees and Leaves

If you have a garden, you can watch out for any build-up of leaves near drains, but trees can also cause problems beyond your control. Tree roots can work their way into drainage systems as they grow underground, drawn to the nearest source of water, causing pipes to crack and causing blockages. For this, we can carry out CCTV surveys to determine the cause of any drainage problem to find a suitable solution.

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