CCTV Drain Survey, Lancashire

CCTV Surveys with Drainage Solutions UK

Using our drain surveying equipment, No Dig Drainage Solutions can give you a fully detailed appraisal of all of your underground drainage systems.

Why might you require our CCTV drain surveys?

With a CCTV drain survey we can correctly diagnose a drainage problem and evaluate the extent of any damage that has occurred to your underground drainage works.

For example, should you be experiencing a blockage in your drains, there can be many causes.  As your drainage systems lie deep under the groundworks of your home, the exact place in your drains where the blockage sits can be entirely unknown until our drainage specialists can have a detailed look at your drains so that the cause of the blockage can be identified.  At times this may be, not just because of an internal blockage of dirt, grime and hair that has gone down your plug hole, but because the drains have suffered damage and the interior wall is letting in debris and dirt from the external areas surrounding your drains.  Over time, tree roots may also have infiltrated your drains, and pests may have gained access and be creating a blockage.  Whatever the cause, applying jet washing alone may not be enough to solve the problem, and may only give you back limited use of your drains, stopping them from functioning to their full capacity, only to block again over time.

A drain CCTV survey allows us not only to find the problem, but to be able to apply the solution exactly to the area needed.  Much like intricate camera surgery, we can get to the heart of the issue, without the need for large openings or disruptions to your grounds and property.

CCTV drain surveys can also be used to check the general state and condition of any drains when buying a new property.  As the drains can be as old as the property development itself and are seldomly seen, getting a full drainage report of the premises is highly recommended if you are looking to buy or sell your home or business.

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