CCTV Surveys

CCTV Surveys

Underground CCTV equipment can offer much more than the ability to perform manhole inspections and facilitating leak detection. Sophisticated remote controlled robots can take cameras deep below the surface of your property, creating a full record of everything they encounter. Whether your reason for commissioning a CCTV drain survey is to diagnose a problem, to assess the value of a property, or simply for your peace of mind, the detailed report you will receive from No Dig Drainage Solutions will prove to be a useful document in relation to your premises.

Scientists tell us that sight is the most developed of the human senses. Whenever we hear, feel or smell something we do not understand, we look with our eyes in order to make sense of it. Being able to see into places which are normally inaccessible – such as he subterranean workings of our homes – is one of the great advantages of the technology we use here at No Dig Drainage Solutions. In order to thoroughly check the position and condition of a drain CCTV equipment which produces high resolution colour images must be used. This allows us to see, not only what blockages and other problems are present, but also the layout and condition of the pipes and what may go wrong in the future.

That’s right, CCTV Drain Surveys aren’t only useful when your drainage system is malfunctioning. Many of our customers book an inspection in preparation to sell their property. With a comprehensive report from a CCTV drain survey Lancashire homebuyers can move with confidence. Other CCTV drain surveys are conducted as part of renovation works, or prior to the building of an extension.

Each customer has their own reason for booking a CCTV drain survey, but the results are always worth having. Contact us to find out more.

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