Drainage Mapping Services Lancashire

No Dig Drainage Solutions provide drain investigation and mapping services using our CCTV surveying equipment.  This gives us a clear idea of the position and condition of your drains, without the need for digging up where we estimate the pipelines to be.

Our drain mapping services can benefit both domestic and commercial customers for a number of reasons.  Whether you need to know if your pipeline has any breaks or root infiltration, or you need to confirm the exact whereabouts of the drains for a new build, you can come to us.

When any sort of construction is underway, local water authorities will request that you have a CCTV survey undertaken, to be sure you are not building over or near the pipelines in a way that may hinder or impede a drainage infrastructure.  Having a thorough knowledge of the location of local and private drainage lines will reduce the risk of damage when digging down to lay foundations, and/or when trying to lay down new underground facilities.  Drain mapping is a legal requirement, and has been part of government legislation since 2011.  Having a clear image of where the pipes are located can allow you to make use of the main sewage lines, when you intend to build a bathroom, kitchen or any other room that requires a water drainage system, and want to connect the building or extension using a newly installed pipeline.

Drainage mapping also provides you with information on where the boundaries of drains, that come under your care, are located.  This can help you recognise when a problem or upgrade is either your responsibility, the responsibility of a neighbour, or in the charge of local councils and water authorities.

To get an overall assessment based on the state of any private drains within a properties boundary, then request drain mapping Lancashire customers can rely on to provide a full appraisal of your waste water system.  This evaluation comes with colour coded structural grading that makes the quick identification of defects and problem areas easy to determine.  We can highlight the parts that require immediate attention, such as where there may be the danger of a drain collapse.  Just as with the visible parts of any construction requires maintenance and sometimes repair, so too all pipelines are subject to wear and tear and even decay if not properly monitored.  However, no dig solutions are at hand to repair and replace you drains if any damage is caught early on.  At times, drain blockages and flooding may be as a result of problems with the walling of your pipes.  To help us quickly clear the blockage, CCTV drain investigation is needed.

If you are looking to purchase a new property, we recommend our homebuyers surveys.  This service could potentially save you thousands in repairs.  Our comprehensive drain surveying capabilities will highlight any areas where there are leaks, blockages or hydraulic failures.

If you require our drainage mapping services, Lancashire customers can contact us today.

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