Leak Detection Services Lancashire

Spotting a leak in your home can be very simple as you will notice a wet patch either on the roof or moulds on the walls. But it can be hard to detect where the leaks are coming from. If not fixed, leaks will cause damage to the structure, resulting in water wastage and more structural destruction. You have to get the problems done before they get out of hand.

If you suspect some leakages due to a rise in water bills, talk to the experts at once. If you live anywhere near Wigan, you can contact us at  NDDS LTD to handle the matters efficiently and professionally.

Here, we work towards delivering unmatched leak detection services to Wigan residents. Our services are exceptional, using unconventional and advanced techniques to spot the areas with drainage issues.

Why Hire a Pro?

Solving the significant leak issues is achievable by spotting them and repairing them at the earliest time possible. Water left to leak for an extended period can result to:

  • Destruction of buildings and the neighbouring landscape
  • Change of position of the building.
  • Drainage and sewerage result in bad odour production, which can take a while to dispel.
  • Loss of countless litres of water resulting in a shoot of water bills

NDDS LTD – Our Services

We have a long list of services for Wigan residents, including No-Dig Drainage Repairs, CCTV and Surveys, and Drains and Sewers.

Here’s a look at some of the highly-sought services we are known for:

Patch Repairs

We offer drain patch repair solutions for domestic and commercial premises to Wigan residents. This technique saves massive amounts of time, reduces interferences, and will save you money from huge water bills in the long run.

We have invested in a quality CCTV surveying device that helps establish where the damage to the pipes has occurred. Blockage of the pipes is mainly due to collapsed drains or piling of dirt. We have patch repair specialists on standby to rectify the damage.

Pipe Relining

Pipe relining is among the most efficient weapons in the drainage expert toolkit. This is becoming a popular method under the no-dig solutions. 

We offer the best devices capable of exceptional pipe relining services to Wigan residents. We will immediately send our experts your way once we receive your call to evaluate the cause and extent of the damage.

Manhole Sealing

Are you a Wigan resident and currently struggling with manhole issues? Call us and let us have a look. Every manhole is built to hold excess water like rain and groundwater.

Once some issues have developed, the manhole overflows, resulting in the gradual destruction of the structure and nearby materials. Our engineers can assess the damage and offer you choices regarding utility hole sealing services to curb water wastage.

Leak Detection

With the latest devices and improved leak detection methods, we have recorded an unmatched experience detecting related problems in advance. Our team has exceptional skills in checking out pollutants that may have infiltrated the pipes. Some contaminants have likely chipped into the drainage system if the pipes are blocked. We guarantee you the best and long-lasting results for leak detection, repairs, and maintenance.


Don’t think twice about calling the No Dig Drainage Solutions whenever you spot a leaking problem. We’re here to help before the problems get worse. You can check our website to find out about the other services we offer.

NDDS LTD offers the best solution to leaks and pipes problems for Wigan and nearby residents. We are the pros, assuring you of quick fixes that will be hard to break.

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