Leak Detection

Building on the Success and experience in our Leak Detecting Services we have expanded and developed our services. To better serve our customers requirements.

Recently our unit has been more active in water utilities and in identifying subsidence risk where a CCTV does not identify structural issues.

We have developed a number of new techniques to interpret the raw data to meet specific criteria without any additional cost to the customer, our unit works in diameters 100mm –225mm with lengths up to 100m.

The Electro Scan system used by is ideally suited to carry out leakage investigation along the whole pipe giving a graphical analysis of the areas where leakage may be present but is not identified on the CCTV report as critical in nature.

  • Pollution Risk Assessment.
  • Test Failure Analysis.
  • Leak Location.
  • Locating Infiltration.

To Further enhance these Services we have added additional CCTV capability including a Pan & Tilt Crawler Unit.

A Smoke Generator Unit that can be used to quickly establish if leaks are evident.

And give a summary of condition before in depth Pinpointing.

To Increase our diameter range and to provide additional in depth individual joint testing we are establishing a joint Testing System with CCTV centralisation to test individual joints that are outside the range of our equipment up to 525mm

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