Manhole Inspections

Manholes provide the perfect points along the length of underground pipework for important inspections, maintenance, upgrading and repairs of drainage works.  No Dig Drainage Solutions can use their expertise to work along with utility providers and councils, as well as customers that are responsible for caring for the working utilities of any residential, holiday or businesses premises, to carry out necessary manhole inspection in the event of a problem, or during regular maintenance and inspection surveys.  These chambers are only accessible by authorised personnel that have the correct tools and knowledge needed to open and check the condition of manholes.

Water drainage and plumbing, as well as home sewage removal, are all made possible by means of underground pipes that can be inspected via these manholes, purpose built to allow experts an access point to underground utilities.  All of the services we provide, from CCTV drain surveying to drain relining and patch repairs, depends upon having access to drainage systems and pipework.  We therefore carry out necessary manhole inspections to ensure they are in good working order.

Regardless of the size of manhole we are working on we have the equipment needed and the knowledge necessary to carry out a professional inspection of manholes.

Manhole Sealing

In the event a leak or damage is found in the infrastructure of a manhole, then we can apply our manhole sealing services.  As the capacity of each manhole takes into consideration the needs of the drainage system it was built to accommodate, any infiltration of excess water, such as groundwater and rain, can make a manhole chamber overflow therefore causing further damage to the integrity of the structures walling.  Manhole sealing prevents waste water that flows thorough manholes leaking out, and stops outside water sources from gaining access into your drains.

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