Cured In Place Pipe Lining (CIPP)

Cured In Place Pipe Lining (CIPP)

When our drains are blocked, not providing us with full use of our facilities, it can be a sign of a bigger problem with the structure of your drains. If your drains are cracked or broken, rubble, tree roots or pests can then get into them causing a blockage and further damage over time. No Dig Drainage Solutions employs the use of CIPP Services, to provide effective ways to repair your drains without the need for digging trenches or the replacement of your existing pipework. How is this possible?

CIPP stands for the Cured in Place Pipe lining that can be used to reinforce your old damaged drains, making them as good as new. The cured in place pipe lining services includes the use of a resin substance applied to a felt lining, this substance is placed onto the entire piece of CIPP lining that will be fixed to the damaged pipework. This method of repair usually applies to whole sections of pipework that needs reinforcing. Using an inversion method, the cured in place pipe lining Lancashire drains can be repaired with, pushes the piping into the drains or sewers with air and is capable of negotiating corners, as well as adapting its shape based on the inner contours of the pipework.

No Dig Drainage Solutions specialise in using methods that eliminate the need for excavation work, unless it is absolutely necessary. Most of us recognise that all aspects of the built environment will need maintenance and repair at some point in its lifetime, but give little of no thought to the drainage systems that are integral to the infrastructure. Our company know the best methods of not only monitoring, maintaining and repairing your drains, but of extending its life span and integrity for many more years to come. So, for cured in place pipe lining services, Lancashire customers can contact us.

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