Manhole Sealing

Manhole Sealing

Here at No Dig Drainage Solutions, we offer a drainage contractors and consultants to carry out a range of services regarding drainage systems, including manhole sealing. A manhole is also known as a utility hole, maintenance hole or sewer hole. It is a small opening in a paved area, which allows access to the drainage system, covered when not in use.

Manholes allow access in order to carry out inspections, maintenance and system upgrades. One such task is manhole sealing, which involves sealing the internal structure and abysses found within the manholes access point itself. By sealing manholes, you can improve the overall performance and longevity of the structure. By carrying out this minor work, it can also decrease the risk for requiring expensive emergency repairs further down the line if left unattended.

Manholes are a necessary part of the drainage foundations but as there are various different elements that also connect with the environment above the ground, they offer a range of maintenance issues. Luckily, at NDDS, we specialise providing our clients with no-dig preventative maintenance and use the most advanced tools and technology to seal manholes and underground structures.

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