leaking pipe Patch Repairs

Patch Repairs

Our No Dig Drainage Solutions for domestic and commercial properties and area, includes drain patch repairs. This technique saves on vast amounts of time and therefore reduces any disruption the work causes, taking time out of your daily routine, or business working hours, with our simple but effective patch repairs. Using innovative techniques, we can first establish where the damage or collapse to your pipes has occurred using our CCTV surveying equipment. Often a drain blockage is as a result of a collapsed drain and the subsequent nearby dirt, grit and rubble that can then easily seep into your drains. In order to fix the drains with patch repairs, our drainage repair specialists will first prepare the area, removing any of the blockage that is causing the drainage problem. Then using and inflatable bladder, some fibre glass cut to the dimensions needed for the patch repairs, and some resin, we can make the needed drainage patch repairs.

The fibre glass patch is first soaked in the resin solution and then wrapped around the inflatable bladder known as an inflation packer. Once the material is fixed into place, we insert it into the drain to the exact point the repairs are needed. Once the correct location is found we pump up and inflate the bladder and check that it is at the correct pressure using a gauge. When the fibre glass touches the pipework, the resin solution will then mould and fix to the inner impressions, indentations, size and shape of the pipe, creating a perfect new section of repaired pipe. Once the resin has successfully cured to the pipe, we can remove the bladder, and it comes away clean. Your drains will then work again to their full capacity.

So, for drain patch repairs, you can rely on a professional, effective service from NDDS. Contact us for more information.

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