Pipe Relining

Drain relining is one of the secret weapons in a drainage engineer’s toolkit.  Many members of the public and even some building trade professionals remain unaware of this exciting technology, yet the technique is one of the foremost no-dig solutions and can save time, inconvenience and money for both the contractor and the customer.  At No Dig Drainage Solutions, we have pioneered drain relining services for years, and have expertise in all the relevant technologies and techniques.

The installation of underground drainage systems is a disruptive and labour-intensive process, during which large areas of land will be dug up by heavy plant equipment for drain pipes to be laid in the correct position.  What happens when those pipes have to be repaired of replaced?  Typically, the whole process had to be repeated, at great cost and inconvenience.  But all that changed with the advent of drain relining and repair technology.

When we are contacted by a customer regarding a drainage problem or failure, the first step is to determine the cause and extent of the damage.  One of the most effective ways to examine a drainage system is by means of a CCTV survey.  Many types of drain damage – including holes and cracks, leaking joints, and water ingress – are suitable for repair by pipe relining.

An epoxy or polyester based resin liner is then prepared at our workshop, designed specifically for the application in question.  The drain liner is then inserted into the drain pipe through the nearest access point, and inflated to keep it in place.  Once the resin is cured, the liner – effectively a ‘pipe within a pipe’ – is ready to use.  Depending on the circumstances, we can use hot curing liners with portable boilers, or ambient curing liners.

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