Pipe Sealing

Pipe Sealing

Here at No Dig Drainage Solutions, we use a selection of methods and advanced solutions to carry out drainage repair, without the inconvenience of digging up your garden, front yard or any underground drains within your home or business premises. We apply pipe sealing solutions Lancashire-based customers and property owners can depend on.

Regardless of whether you have a drain blockage or any other problems with your drains, we will carry out a CCTV survey to ascertain the cause of the problem. This allows us to evaluate the extent of any damage, the need for repairs, and the best effective method of applying our no-dig solutions to your problem. Whether it is roots that have infiltrated your drains, rodent damage, or the structural collapse of your underground drainage system, simple but effective pipe sealing could be all that is needed to strengthen the inner wall of your drains and get them flowing and working again.

Our pipe sealing services use the latest techniques in conducting repairs to your drains, by finding the exact location of the damage and inserting and applying the needed pipe sealing solutions, such as patch repair that is cured into place and fixed to the drains, to reinforce the integrity of the wall, allowing waste water to flow effectively away from your premises.

With our pipe sealing services, Lancashire home-owners and commercial enterprises can have the peace of mind that we can maintain and repair your drains effectively, with little disruption to your daily routine. Prevention is better than cure, and by commissioning regular maintenance that may occasionally require pipe sealing, Lancashire homes and businesses drains can be kept in good order without the need for excavation should the drains become completely inefficient and ineffective. To learn more about our drainage services, contact us today.

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