robotic cutting

Robotic Cutting

At No Dig Drainage Solutions, our goal is always to effect high-quality, comprehensive repairs of underground drainage systems and pipework from the existing access holes. Our remotely controlled robots are vital in allowing us to work in areas no human operative could access.

One of the key tools we have at our disposal is remotely operated cutting equipment. Robotic cutting involves sending a wheeled device equipped with a powered cutting tool down into the pipes. From the surface, the operator can steer the robot to an obstruction and instruct it to cut through. Thanks to robotic cutting, Lancashire lawns can remain undisturbed as we clear blockages from your drains! One of the primary uses for our robotic cutting equipment is in connection with our drain lining services. When we re-line a straight drainpipe, we can cut the new liner to the length of the pipe and effectively seal any cracks or defects along its length. But when a pipe has a junction in it, the re-lining process will seal that too. In these cases, we can use a robotic cutting tool to navigate the pipes and cut through the liner at the appropriate point, thereby restoring flow and functionality.

We use different models of robotic cutting devices depending on the circumstances. Our units can handle a range of conditions, and work in pipes from 100mm to 750mm in diameter. Some are equipped with rotating abrasive heads, while others employ high pressure directional water cutting to get the job done. We offer a full range of robotic cutting services, including the removal of tree roots and other stubborn obstacles which are revealed by a CCTV survey.

To learn more about what can be achieved using robotic cutting services, Lancashire customers are invited to contact our team for more information.

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