robotic cutting

Robotic Cutting

We have various robotic cutters that can work in pipe diameters from 100mm to 750mm, these are commonly air powered and applications include removing intruding connections and re-opening laterals after relining.

Re-opening lined junctions remotely prevents the possible problem of damaging the pipe and also eliminates any expensive excavation. We have designated crews on each of our cutting devices ensuring that we are efficient in the process. Prokasro, KRE & Dancutter are a few of the systems we operate.

We also have specialist high pressure directional water cutting capabilities which can be used to remove roots , grout and other stubborn obstacles. These applications are commonly carried out prior to ourselves relining the sewer with a CIPP lining product.

The cutter will operate in pipes from 150mm to 450mm diameter and is robotically controlled above ground by our operator in tandem with our CCTV units.

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