Top Hat & Lateral Repair

In times past, the only way to repair a damaged drain was to excavate the broken pipework and replace it with new. This potentially took weeks of work, digging and uncovering the pipework, possibly destroying gardens or requiring the removal of out buildings or other structures in the meantime. In modern times we can be thankful that companies such as No Dig Drainage Solutions use innovative ways to fix a drain without all of this inconvenience.

We provide lateral repair Lancashire customers can call on. This is where the lateral drain or sewer works meets another pipe in the drainage systems. Having a cracked on broken pipe can allow pests, soil and debris, as well as tree roots to get into your drains, causing your property damage, and your drains to malfunction.

With the new machinery and technology available, it is possible to complete top hat and lateral repairs without the need for excavational work. Using the same principle used in patch repairs or lining repairs, a new skin or lining is pushed into the drain to the exact point the repair is needed. The specially shaped inflatable bladder, used to put the lining in place, makes it possible to carry out work on any ‘T-junctions’ using a top hat system repair.

The fibre glass material, used to create a new section of the sewer, drain or lateral repair is impregnated with the fluid needed to fix or cure the old pipework to the new lining. The bladder, otherwise known as an inflation packer, is then pressurised enough to push the lining onto the old lateral and up the top hat pipe, smoothing over any breaks or cracks with a new skin. The curing process can then take place and the packer is then removed, leaving a perfectly formed, fully functioning pipe connection. For any drain repairs or maintenance, contact us for more information.

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