Prestwick Airport Sewer Rehabilitation works with no dig drainage uk

Prestwick Airport Sewer Rehabilitation

The main surface water sewer was defective in numerous places for a continuous 250m, from the centre of the main parking areas for the whole of the airport. It took two days to jet clean and camera survey.

Once happy that all debris had been removed then it was time to build the scaffolding that would support the liner whilst inverting with water. The 450mm liner was delivered on a flat bed lorry, then lifted using a hoist crane and lowering in to place through the scaffold tower.

The trunk of the liner, once filled with water would allow the liner to be inverted, keeping the water going and the crane lifting sections at a time. Once theĀ  liner was inverted, two boiler wagons were put in place and the water in liner was boiled at temps of 80 degrees, for 36hrs constantly, this allowed the liner to cure.

Once cured, both ends were cut to create a flow on the existing network within the airport.


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